At Jupiter Kickboxing our classes are not only a Killer workout and tons of FUN but we teach you proper technique in every class! Great for Beginners and Experienced Strikers alike! So whether you are trying to kick your own butt in our bag classes or sharpen your tools in the Skills and Technique Classes, you can find it here!


BAG CLASSES (Mon – Sat various times)
BAG CLASS! Our Kickboxing Bag Classes are a Full Body workout using Combat tested Technique with body weight and compound exercises! This is a Great class for all Levels!
TECHNIQUE CLASSES! Learn how to strike like the Pro’s! From knee and elbows to slips and kicks. We offer a Kickboxing skills and technique class and a Kickboxing for MMA Class too!


BOXING Bag Classes (Monday – Friday Various times )
Boxing Defense Fundamentals (Mondays @8pm)
BOXING BAG CLASSES! Great for all levels these self paced classes are a Whole Body Burner! Legs, Core and Arms all get engaged while using proper strikes and body movement to get in fighter shape by doing the workouts they do! Learn how to Hit the Heavy bag hard like a Real Boxer!
BOXING DEFENSE FUNDAMENTALS! The goal in Boxing is to Hit without getting hit. In this class you will learn the tools to help you do that. From slips and blocks to check hooks and counter jabs. This is a great intro into technique classes.

MMA & Grappling

MMA CONDITIONING CLASS! H.I.I.T. Mixed with Circuit Stations like battle ropes and TRX Straps followed by shorter more intense Bag rounds! This is a class to get up in MMA Fight shape!
Fundamentals of linking together STRIKING, TAKEDOWNS & SUBMISSIONS! In these classes you will learn the basics of clench work, ground positions like guard and mount, ground striking and other elements of Mixed Martial Arts!


Whether you’re trying to Lose Weight, Improve your cardio, build your confidence or get in complete Fighter Shape, we have designed a Fun, Full body Workout that can help you meet your goals! With a variety of different equipment from traditional free weights and Kettle Bells to Battle Ropes, TRX Suspension Straps, Reflex Bar and More! Learn how much FUN getting in shape can be!

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